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There are a number of frequently asked questions about the plans that you will find answers to below. Feel free to email info@ourtownplans.com or call 770.692.2929 if your question is not listed or you need more information.

Can I make changes to the plan? Yes! Our Town Plans has licensed Architectural Overflow, a firm that specializes in this service, to make modifications to our plans. They have a talented team and a long track record of working successfully with clients wishing to modify pre-designed house plans. For more information about modifications, please contact:

Steve Gramins
Architectural Overflow, LLC
(866) 772-1616

All plans and subsequent derivatives are copyrighted by Our Town Plans. The re-use of the original designs and subsequent design derivatives without remitting additional re-use fees is restricted.

What is a pre-designed plan? We refer to our collections as ‘pre-designed plans’ rather than the more common ‘stock plans’, simply because there is nothing stock about them! Unlike many plans currently on the market, our plans are a very thorough set of construction documents that provide the technical details needed to achieve both quality in construction and authenticity in detail.

What do the plans include? At a minimum, each construction document set includes a cover sheet with a drawing index and plan information, general building specification sheets, architectural floor plans, exterior elevations, building sections, porch sections, wall sections, cornice and rake details, window details, door details, foundation plan, foundation details and electrical plans. Separate interior elevations and interior details are available for most plans as well. Our plans do not include a materials list or mechanical plans. View a sample set.

How do I know if the plans will meet my local building code? Building codes vary by state, county and municipality. After purchasing the plans, we highly recommended consulting with a local engineer or general contractor to ensure the design is suitable for specific site conditions and that it meets local building codes. Architectural Overflow can assist with any modifications required to meet more stringent building code requirements.

Do I need to have the plans stamped by a local engineer or architect? Check with your local building department as your local jurisdiction may or may not require an engineer’s or architect’s official seal to obtain a building permit. Architectural Overflow can also assist in providing plans stamped with an architect’s seal as needed for most states.

Are the plans ready to build? A set of Our Town Plans contains the necessary drawings for the project to be built in most locations. Considerations should be taken when locating any project on a specific site relative to geotechnical and environmental concerns that may affect the integrity of the structure. Again, we highly recommend consulting with a local professional to ensure that the design is suitable for your site.

How do you calculate the area of your plans? Square footages are located on the cover sheet of each drawing set and are broken down between floors, conditioned spaces and porches with a total sum of all spaces. Overall building dimensions are taken from the face of studs and do not include steps leading up to the structure.

Do you offer reproducible sets of plans or electronic (CADD) files? Due to difficulties in protecting copyright, we do not offer reproducible sets or CAD files. However, Architectural Overflow has been licensed to use Our Town Plans CAD files to make plan modifications.

What is a Re-Use Agreement? The Re-Use Agreement is a contract that defines how the plans may be used legally. Among other things, the Re-Use Agreement allows you to build from the set of plans ONE time on a specified lot. If you intend to use the plan more than once, you must execute additional Re-Use Agreements and pay additional Re-Use Fees.

What is a Re-Use Fee? The Re-Use Fee is the cost to build from a set of plans one time. Three sets of plans (bond copies) are provided with each Re-Use. Additional plan sets are available for $50 each. A pdf file may be provided in lieu of printed copies.